Yes, We Ship!

Minimum shipping charge is $350.00* and will depend on airline availability. Prices may vary according to weight of puppy. Love-A-Lot Kennels will do our best to ensure researching the most cost effective option for shipping your puppy. Inquire about the price for shipping more than one puppy in the same crate. Shipping price includes the airline ticket, shipping crate, and veterinarian health certificate.

  • International shipping is not available.
  • All puppies sold to Canadians must be picked up at a U.S. airport.
  • Shipping charges must be paid prior to shipment of the puppy.
  • Your puppy will fly in a temperature controlled part of the aircraft that is maintained at the same temperature as the passenger seating area. Puppies will leave Kansas from the Wichita, Kansas, Dwight D. Eisenhower Airport, and arrive later on the same day at your nearest available airport. Your puppy will have food and water available during transport. Love-A-Lot Kennels will book all puppy flights. You will be required to meet your new puppy at the airport as soon as he/she arrives.

*Your puppy will be current on all vaccinations at the time of shipping except for the rabies vaccination.  Rabies vaccination is required of puppies 12 weeks of age or older at the time of shipping.  If your puppy is 12 weeks of age or older, then there will be an additional charge to the shipping cost of $25.00.  Your total shipping charge will be $375.00 if your puppy requires a rabies vaccination prior to shipping. 

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